Brightness helps companies perfect the public speaking skills of their teams on the subjects of innovation. It amplifies top executives and their teams’ capacity to transform their organizations.

Specialized in leadership for corporate change, Theano Advisors provide CEOs, Chairmen, C-suite members, and their staff the long-range support they need to make their strategies happen.

Maex Partners support multinationals and small and medium-sized businesses worldwide with holistic services offerings : from process optimization to radical reductions in cycle times and turnaround to digitization and Industry 4.0.


Growth Strategy Associates advises board members, business owners and senior executives on value creation through actionable strategic, financial, and economic analyses and insights.

K-Roll Consulting is an independent strategy consulting boutique that helps leaders from companies of all sizes to craft, implement and sustain their business strategy.

Redstart accompanies all kinds of businesses in their innovative process to foster internal innovation and develop “intrapreneurship”.


Longview Global Advisors is a network of experts focusing on how political, social, and economic trends shape business opportunities and risks around the world.


LatamLENS brings a multi-disciplinary approach to provide clients with robust research explaining business risks and opportunities across Latin America.