We believe in a multi-disciplinary approach to deliver the best insights and recommendations to our clients. To ensure this generalist take on any business topic, we read a lot of publications and books to stay up to date on the most cutting-edge and impactful business theories out there, across many disciplines: strategy, organizational design, leadership, psychology, neurosciences…

Here are our thoughts on a few of those articles and books that inspire us and that we think are worth sharing.

HBR_Who has the D.PNG

Who Has the D?: How Clear Decision Roles Enhance Organizational Performance, by P. Rogers and M. W. Blenko, HBR

"A good decision executed quickly beats a brilliant decision implemented slowly."

HBR_Feedback fallacy.PNG

The Feedback Fallacy, by M. Buckingham and A. Goodall, HBR

“Telling people what we think of their performance doesn’t help them thrive and excel, and telling people how we think they should improve actually hinders learning.”